The Outbreak Of The American Civil War Essay

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In the mid 1800 's, the outbreak of the American Civil War began and pushed our country to it 's maximum tension. Different decisions and actions before the war could have prevented such a controversial relationship between the states in the United States. Slavery, sectionalism, states ' rights, and secession contributed in the start and end of the Civil War. Some decisions should have been changed to stop these factors. These four factors affected the nations ability to control problems within their areas. The outbreak of the American Civil War was introduced by long term factors. Slavery, sectionalism, states 's rights, and secession were significant factors that sparked the American Civil War over unadressed tensions for a very long time. A major historical factor associated with the outbreak of the American Civial War was slavery. Mostly occurred in the south, but sometimes was recognized in some northern states. Southern states believe slavery was an important part of their area. Examples include farms, ranches, plantations, and crop fields. Slaves were used for harsh work and low pay or support from their owners. As some slaves had a very harsh live, some did not. Slaves have been known to be whipped, beaten, slashed, and sometimes killed. A fugitive slave in Georgia had a very crual owner. He was beat because he found a watermelon and ate it for his survival need. The beatens varied from cow-hides to bull whips(10). No one deserves to be treated like nothing like…

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