Why Was The American Civil War Inevitable

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The American Civil War was inevitable, it came as a consequence of many divisive factors. There were many factors that led to the Civil War. Those factors divided the nation in two, North and South, or in terms of the Civil War, the Union and the Confederacy. Two major factors that pushed the nation of America toward civil war were sectionalism and the state’s rights debate. This led to discourse in the nation, which eventually caused several southern states to believe that by 1861, they had no choice but to secede from the Union. Consequently, the Civil War then ensued. As the United States of America grew, sectional differences between the Northern region and the Southern region increased. This sectionalism was not only because of pride in one’s region, but also geographical, …show more content…
Two of the main factors were sectionalism and the debate of state’s rights. These factors divided the nation in two. Sectionalism between the North and South increased as the United States of America grew. Sectional tensions grew by economical differences, political views; and the North attacking the South on slavery. A great divide between the North and the South grew until they were fully divided and the South saw no choice but to secede. The South wanted state’s rights, weak federal government and strong state government. The North wanted the opposite. The South kept feeling unrepresented and as if their voice was not heard, and state’s rights, their only solution was rejected. This led to even more sectionalism and it cause secession. Both factors led to the South seceding. Lincoln viewed secession as an act of rebellion and wanted to preserve the Union. Secession was viewed as illegal, and so the war started. To get back the Union fully, the war had to happen. The two divisive factors consequently led to the Civil War. Therefore, the Civil War was caused by sectionalism and the debate over state’s

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