Civil War Effects On American Society

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In the 1800’s, the United States was divided and vulnerable, as a result of opposing beliefs and philosophies in the north and the south, particularly surrounding slavery. The nation was divided into Yankees, who occupied the northern states and opposed slavery, and Confederates, consisting of those in the southern states who exploited the slave trade. The American Civil War was a detrimental consequence of this conflict and opposition of views, which had both short term and enduring effects on American society and lifestyle.

Prior to the Civil War in 1861, American was a nation divided by philosophies; the north and the south. The South strongly believed in States’ Rights, where power is held by individual states. Moreover, with the division
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Slave labour was a large aspect of southern lifestyle and they functioned in a hierarchical society, where white people were placed above black people and wanted to maintain this lifestyle, however this was changed instantly after the American Civil War. As a result of the Civil War, the northern states overruled confederacy, winning the battle of freedom for slaves and slave labour effectively ended. Over four million African Americans, forced into slavery and imprisoned by masters, were given freedom. Slavery was not formally deemed illegal, however majority of slavery, particularly in the southern states, where most slave labour functioned, ended. Slaves were set free from masters and further expansion of slave labour in America was prevented. Slavery was replaced with …show more content…
As a result of the war, industries such as the manufacturing of clothes, flour and wheat grew rapidly to satisfy the demands of the war. Also, a large amount of money was invested in the production of war materials and basic materials. Therefore, following the Civil War, America rapidly expanded, cities grew and the economy thrived. The growing industrial and economic strength of America in conjunction with its newfound national unity, impacted the country in the long term and assisted the country’s rise to power. The establishment of a central, powerful government across the entire nation, provided a foundation for America’s rise as a world power. The war was advantageous to society, as becoming one unified nation, increased the strength of America as a foreign power, hence by 1870, America was growing as a strong national

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