Essay on The On The Peer Leading Program

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The peer leading program is undeniably one of the most selective programs at Masco in order to have a solid group of students who are hardworking and committed to improving and keeping up the spirits of our school, and I know I would fit right into this group. I really enjoyed the way Mr.Delani described the program as a way to keep our enormous student body as a close-knit community. Peer leaders do a lot of good in the school by providing underclassmen with a role model whom they can reach out to with questions or concerns about navigating through their first year of highschool. Being that person for a group of freshmen would mean a lot to me because I want to help them reach their full potential in high school. I know, from experience, how confusing it can be to maneuver the halls of Masco, and also how a push in the right direction can make it exponentially easier. Similarly, in high school, when you start to discover the path you want to take in life, having some guidance or advice from a Peer Leader can help to make the process less intimidating. Though I am sure that Peer Leading will be unlike any challenge I have ever faced before, with my enthusiasm and devotion to the program, you really cannot go wrong with choosing me.
Being a Peer Leader is more than just leading, but rather about setting a good example by always being respectful and benevolent and making smart decisions. Having a little sister who looks up to me puts things in perspective for me and makes me…

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