The Objectivity Of Human Sex Trafficking

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Objective Human sex trafficking is the illegal movement or use of people against their will for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The amount of human sex trafficking has varied in various parts of the world. It can be associated with prostitution and forced labor, therefore, specific data on sex trafficking can be inconclusive depending on where it is located. In a 2007 trial, Statistica found that 61.9% of all trafficked victims were sexually exploited and 31.4% were subjected to forced labor ("Percentage of Trafficking Victims…”). Over the years, children have become more popular in the sex trafficking industry especially young girls. Human sex trafficking is fluctuating constantly, resulting in many different views on the matter. …show more content…
Often sex slaves are kept in very dismal conditions with a severe lack of food, water, and proper health care; which, in turn, contributes to sicknesses and diseases like sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) such as HIV and AIDS (“The New Abolitionists” and “Exploring the Role of Health Sector”). A victim could be forced to have many sexual partners a day which is very dangerous for many reasons: spreading of diseases, abusive partners, lack of basic needs and health care, and mental, physical, and emotional abuse. When someone is having sex with multiple partners, especially unprotected, it can result in a spread of STDs. If the sex slave acquires one of these diseases and goes untreated, she can further the spread of the disease by continuing to have sex with multiple customers. Buyers and traffickers can also damage victims by abusive sex, beatings, and starving them if they fail to meet quota or act out. Victims of sex trafficking can suffer from chronic headaches, back pain, stomach pain, and memory problems (“Exploring the Role of Health Sector…”). Mental and emotional abuse can last longer than the physical pain. Sex slave owners, also known as “pimps”, will use coercion to mentally destroy their victims causing the victim to trust no one else but their pimp(“The New Abolitionists”). It can take years to recover from this sort of trauma especially if a child was a victim. A child sex slave can grow up mentally impaired and be severely uneducated. Psychological care and rehabilitation is vital to the success of stopping human sex trafficking (“Ungendering and Regendering…”). If trafficked victims don’t receive any care after being removed from the sex industry, they can easily end up homeless, go back to their pimps, or even die from diseases, or commit suicide due to the detrimental abuse they endured from their pimps or customers (“New

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