Sex Trafficking In America

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The Growth of Sex Trafficking in America
Sex trafficking in the United States is a huge concern. In the state of Michigan alone the numbers of sex trafficking has grown tremendously. Sex trafficking is a form of slavery in which it is stated from an online informational site Shared Hope, that the actual meaning of it is “When someone uses force, fraud, or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or causes a minor to commit a commercial sex act. Speaking in terms of slavery by them not wanting to actually do the sex acts.” Before cell phones and the Internet to make it easier to contact little girls and boys, reason being of why the numbers has grown. Sex trafficking has always been around. Technically speaking sex trafficking is
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The Justice Department services to actually help these victims have been unnoticed or in many cases have been neglected. This essay is to discuss existing researches and literature on sex trafficking in the United States and the growth of trafficking. It includes movies of which has been based on true events but also inspires the youth of making it out of the trade of the sex trafficking trade. It also includes an interview by Trooper Steven Kramer how he explains the statistics of the trade. Newspaper articles of how this event affect America as whole not just one area of America. Including educational based articles nevertheless because the authors argue and talks about the importance of getting help and aims for the discourse of the trade itself. Anyone who takes part in sex trafficking is just as credible as the trafficker. Looking into the numbers of sex traffickers daily Force4Compassion has stated that there are “3,287 people are sold or kidnapped and forced into trafficking every day.” In reported cases that is 136 an hour. Protecting children and women from violence, exploitation and abuse is the same thing as protecting their freedom to survive, grow, and develop. Human trafficking involves the use of deception to actually take away …show more content…
That is why their main targets are women and children. Woman is a target because they are thought to be as weak and emotional creatures while children is weak mentally and physically. According to the US Department of Justice “Human trafficking has become the fastest growing criminal industry coupled with drug trafficking sex trafficking” Trafficking involves what is now known as pimps which usually is referring to the owners of prostitutes. Since the 2000s the name has changed to trafficking except in every case the trafficker is the pimp in 2010, 1,000 children was victimized of trafficking out of the 2,515 cases that was investigated the victims of the crime is usually silent in the fear of their lives. So most cases does not exist due to the fearfulness of what the victim 's pimp might do it most us cases. The Pimps usually drug the victims so all they see is blurry vision, there has been cases of the victim 's family being threatened at the victim. For the most part all of the statements and threats that the pimp exemplify over the victim does usually involve physical harm and mental harm to the victim. Over the last decade there has been numerous sex trafficking cases in just Michigan alone.The court docs detail of the small children being sold for sex at truck stops and women being forced into the sex industry.Many sex trafficking cases are growing in the state of Michigan. The US District Court in Ann Arbor,

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