Summary: Sex Trafficking

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Sex trafficking
“Sex Trafficking as a Worldwide Problem is Exaggerated,” was published in The Honest Courtesan, and was written by Maggie McNeil in June of 2015.
In Maggie’s essay, “Sex trafficking as a Worldwide Problem is Exaggerated,” she argues that statistics are incorrect concerning prostitution. Maggie addresses over 25 published statistics ranging from facts on average ages, trafficked children. to self-esteem. Having previously been a sex worker herself, McNeil is determined to clarify the reality of this business. One of the reported statistics she reveals as a lie is that , “100,000-300,000 children are ‘trafficked’ every year in the united states”(par. 1). Maggie addresses the statistic with research pointing to the
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Summary In this article, Erin articulates the cause and effects of sex trafficking. She makes sure to clarify that sex trafficking is not a distant problem, but is distinctly present in your own community. Erin covers 3 prominent reasons for the worldwide sex trafficking issue. She introduces trafficking as a multimillion-dollar Industry, a glamorous façade, and even talks about local experiences with prostitution rings. The writer is determined not to be just a problem identifier but also a problem solver. She goes on to suggest two ways we can minimize prostitution, more law enforcement and increased awareness.
Critical Response
Erin Weaver stands with the viewpoint that sex trafficking is a worldwide problem. She supports her point with evidence of government sanctioned statistics, local and international instances, as well as reports from qualified people who work to prevent prostitution. Erin writes with an emotional appeal of personalization. She makes you see the problem close by, in your own neighborhood. To the reader prostitution is no longer a distant problem and that realization brings immense
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Recruitment, locality, and being a big money-making business. I do not agree with her way of solving the problem. It is vague and repetitive, this is how we’ve approached prostitution for a long time and things still have not changed. As for the “Sex trafficking as a Worldwide Problem is Exaggerated” article, I thought the author Maggie McNeil brought valid points. She debunked statistics be clarifying the source. I agreed with her that most the statistics we repeat are in actuality myths. However, I do not agree that prostitution is not a worldwide problem. She takes away the incorrect stats but she does not take away the fact that it is present everywhere. The scale is slightly diminished with her contributions but it still leans toward prostitution being a common

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