Background Of Human Sex Trafficking

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Background Human sex trafficking is a horrible violation of a human’s rights that effect every person in every country of the world. It is estimated that in America in the alone the number of people who victims of sex trafficked is 600,000- 800,000. (). There are 195 countries in the world, all of which has a problem with sex tracking. That is over a million people that are having their basic human rights taken away and being treated no more than a possession. Definition: Sharehope international has a clear-cut definition of sex trafficking. They defend sex trafficking as ‘when someone uses force, fraud or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with and adult or causes a minor to commit a commercial sex act.’() This means not only the buying or selling of people for sex but it is also any unwanted sexual act that forces someone to have sex or act in sexual activities. Examples of unwanted sexual acts are: the use of date rape drug, or the misrepresentation of oneself on date sights or chatrooms in the attempt to trick another person into sexual relations.
Human trafficking has been around even before the Viking raided villages and in slaved men, woman and children for sex slaves. Even in the America, the country build on the foundations of freedom, has
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Traffickers/ pimps is someone who targets a victim for a prostitute. They are always looking for the next victim, most of whom are people in vulnerable positions. The Traffickers/pimps sale the victims to the buyers, people who pay for the use of a sex trafficking slaves. In a large percentage of case the Traffickers and buyers are all art of a larger group called organized crime (Jodi Jordan, Bina Patel, and Lisa Rapp). These are the people who organize most of the trade and control traffickers through either debt or they are lower members of the organized crime

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