The Global Problem Of Human Trafficking

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Slavery is a fact of life, from the first humans to walk around they have had a title; master or slave. People like to think that slavery has gone It has just gone underground and emerged with a new name. Human trafficking is a serious epidemic. It is a global issue affecting millions of lives around the world, stealing peoples dignity (Transnational). Human Traffickers don’t resemble the slave traders of old. Many traffickers appear to live normal lives in the suburbs, complete with school aged children and the soccer mom minivan. One thing that hasn 't changed between slave owners and traffickers is their motivation for money. What many Americans don 't realize is human trafficking is happening in their backyards. In fact, Pinellas county …show more content…
Another vulnerability to being trafficked is when women or children live in poverty stricken “ghettos”. There are three groups of victims according to international law: children under 18 induced into commercial sex; adults 18 and older induced into commercial; or children and adults induced to preform services through force, fraud, and coercion(Combating). Human trafficking is not limited to the sex trade. Other common forms of slavery include forced marriages and bonded labor markets like, sweat shops, farming plantations, or domestic service(Humantrafficking). Due to economic crisis in many third world countries, little girls are sold by their parents to brothels. These innocent little girls, and sometimes boys, are then funneled into the sex trade all at the benefit of the brothel owner(Barlay166). The global sexual thirst for children is monstrous(Barlay176). In Thailand ninety percent of prostitutes are only fifteen to twenty years old. Sadly, that number is slowly increasing(Barlay177). A twelve to fifteen year old girl can be sold for only eight hundred to two thousand U.S dollars(Bales52). Girls are tricked into thinking they can buy there freedom but the math never adds up. If a girl has sex with ten to fifteen men in a …show more content…
More than three hundred international treaties against slavery have been signed since 1815, all with a different meaning of slavery(Bales27). The Cocoa Protocol, established in 2001, was the first treaty struck between an entire industry and the anti slavery movement(Bales50). Thailand was the first country to pass laws imposing greater penalties on customers rather than the sellers for the involvement in commercial sex with underage partners (Humantrafficking). Conversely, the Pakistani Penal Code imposes very severe punishment on the traffickers. Their law states that whoever kidnaps anyone under the age of ten are to be murdered or subjected to vicious beatings(Barlay178). Many police officers around the world, along with other authorities, agree that straight abduction is now going away and being replaced with different methods of retrieving sex slaves(Barlay91). The first step to abolishing slavery is awareness. Parents and their daughters need to realize that the dangers of human trafficking are still alive and well in nearly every city, country, and continent; and they need to stay vigilant in protecting themselves from predators(Barlay91).
Slavery has been a serious problem since the start of ancient civilizations. However, slavery never really disappeared, it just went underground. The previous generation has done their part in abolishing slavery, now it is the job of the present generation to fight for equality for all men,

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