Essay about The No Child Left Behind Act ( Nclb ) Into Law

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On January 8th, 2002, George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) into law. This act was created out of concern that the United States’ education system was no longer globally competitive. Under NCLB, schools were required to test all students in reading and math during grades 3 through 8, and once in high school. Schools must have all students at a proficient level, or they face state intervention. This could include taking the school over, turning it into a charter school, or even shutting it down. Since its introduction, NCLB has been widely criticized for placing an excessive amount of focus on standardized testing. Teachers are now said to “teach for the test.” Students of all ages are taught how to answer multiple choice questions that are really designed to make them fail. They are not learning materials that will help them in the future; they are only memorizing equations and reading strategies to do well on the MEAP and ACT/SAT (Klein). This is only one concept that shows how flawed the American education system is. 19 year old Ankur Singh decided to take a semester or two off from college after almost failing out of his first year. He wanted to go to university to study filmmaking, but realized that most of his days were spent cramming for exams and writing papers he was not interested in for classes he did not want to take. He realized that his time in college was analogous to his four years in high school, and even the time before that. He was…

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