The Night Has Gone By My Head Essay

926 Words Mar 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Just as I was about to fall asleep BAM another image popped into my head; this time it was Nancy that drew the paper with the black dot. As Nancy realized what that meant her eyes widened and her eyes were looking at me saying why? Why are you letting this happen to me? No. No. No, I thought as I shook my head trying to dismiss this horrible image from my head. I know I am not the only one that is restless tonight, but I need to sleep. I need to sleep I told myself; I need to have the energy to get through tomorrow and to put on a front like everyone else in the village. As I roll over and look out the window I can see the sun beginning to rise. How could it already be morning it feels like I just got into bed?
The night has gone by to fast just like it does every year before the lottery; however, I know that the morning will drag on. The hours between now and ten o’clock will seem like an eternity. I need to find ways to keep myself busy, in hope that these next four hours will pass quickly. I got out of bed trying not to wake Bill, I know he did not sleep well either. I decided I am going to make everyone’s favorite breakfast; ham and cheese omelet with bacon on the side for Bill, for the kids I will make chocolate chip banana peanut butter pancakes, and for myself French toast. Bill and the kids were waking just as I finished, perfect timing I thought. After, everyone had finished breakfast I looked at the clock; it read seven thirty. I was hoping t would be at least…

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