Essay on The Nfl : National Football League

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The NFL (National Football League) is the most anticipated, and exciting sport to watch in America. The players of the league get just as amp up to play the game. The real reason these players play the game is to hold up the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season; to be named the Super Bowl champions, also knowing you’re the best of the best. Everyone does their role to be successful at the end and to be deemed the last man standing. The process is not just a breeze in the wind, you will have obstacles in the road. But the question is “WHO WILL HOIST THE LOMBARDI TROPHY AT THE END OF THE SEASON?”
In order to make anything good, or maybe some will say great, is you have to build something successful. In this case, you get the right players, coaches, and managers. The saying is, “Managers manage the team, Coaches coach the team, and players play. Within those roles some may have more responsibility than others. And that can separate a championship contender, to a playoff contender. One responsibility teams always assigned to the players, are captains. The captains can empower the franchise or it can devour the franchise. The captains can be assigned by the coaches, or the players take a vote. There are normally 4 captains, who introduce themselves before the game to the opposing team.
The NFL is consisted 32 teams, with major 2 conferences, (AFC – American Football Conference, NFC – National Football Conference), with the conference you have it split up into four divisions…

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