Essay about The New Techniques I Learned

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Every day of life, people learn new things, whether it’s something small or something that may have not been acknowledged that has slipped by for years. In English 101 I was taught plenty of things that I’m pretty sure I should have learned in high school, but some schools just don’t teach all of what supposed to be taught before a student goes off to start college life. One thing I was taught in high school was the MLA format, which I walked in already knowing how to set it up. Some of the things I was taught in English 101 that really had an impact on me were how to write a research paper, how to navigate around Blackboard, and how helpful criterion was. To begin with, writing a research paper can be quite tedious if you don’t know how to write one, because it’s much more to it than just writing a regular five paragraph essay. Some of the new techniques I learned in English 101 were how to complete a works cited page and how to cite a source correctly. I wrote one research paper for my English class in the 11th grade in high school, I couldn’t quite remember what to do on a research paper, but all of what I thought I knew was wrong. First of all I didn’t know how to correctly type a works cited page. In my mind, all that needed to be there was the website, but what was really needed was an author(s) name, the title of the article, publisher, the date published, and the date it was accessed. After all, I did get the works cited page wrong so of course the citations…

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