The Nelson Atkins Museum Of Art And Discover Beauty And Talent

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My mother always tried to give me a love of learning throughout my whole life. I can remember when we went on our group nature walks to learn about wildlife, and while we were discovering about wildlife we would search for bugs and collect them and learn all about them! Also we would go out at night and look at the stars and study the star constellations names or try to find owls and discover what type of owl they were by the sound of their hoot. We would visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and discover beauty and talent and learn about who they were. She taught to me every American battle in history. I also remember her letting my sister and I sit in her bed and listen to her read our favorite school books to us for hours. Her giving me the love of learning taught me to always ask questions and to think deeply about whatever I am doing.
Although I loved to learn, I did face some trials, which taught me perseverance. When I was little I trouble with talking, and reading. I can remember nobody could understand my speech because I left all the endings of my words and spoke too fast so that no one could comprehend what I was trying to communicate to them. My mother and I spent hours teaching me the basics of speaking and sounds of every letter. In addition, I had trouble with reading. It would take me hours to read something and to comprehend it. I can recall that my mother patiently taught me the fundamentals of reading and would sit next to me helping me learn each word.…

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