Violent Video Games Effects On Society

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Currently, the United States is experiencing horrific shootings that have taken away the lives of many innocent people. The news is full of these incidents. The non-stop violent crimes in public areas, such as the one that happened in the Orland night club “PUSLE”, has brought fear among many Americans citizens. Shockingly, this fear has been carried into our education system. Schools are not the same safe learning environments they once were. Parents are sending their children to a possible war zone without guaranteed protection. The incident, such as Orlando and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, show how vulnerable schools are becoming to these shootings. How many more people have to die before the government will understand that …show more content…
Concerns arose because of the amount of time that young people spend playing violent video games. The watching of violent content increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, there are a lot of games where a “hero” is a guy who kills others and shows aggressive behavior in order to be famous and obtain prestige. There are a lot of young people who have seen heroes from video games and cartoons make them their idol and obsession. Moreover, young people learn and express from what they see. Violent video games and even movies makes a negative effect on young people which can increase aggressive behavior. On the other side, easy access of buying violent video games is also a problem. Young people have too much access to video games which make the problem even harder to solve. Legislation against violent video games passed in Washington plans to reduce violent behavior by,” a $500 fine placed on retailers that sell any video game depicting violence against “law enforcement officers” to those under the age of 17” (Collier, Pearson, Liddell). This law could help in solving and reducing aggressive behavior among children. A particular problem is that parents are not familiar with the habit of their children playing video games. Parents control is very important because children who are controlled by parents show more social behavior and much less aggressive behavior in schools. Also, exposure to violent content in the games and the frequency of playing violent video games are negatively correlated to the academic success. There is a correlation between aggressive behavior and violent video games. Bullying is a serious problem in today 's schools, including physical violence towards other pupils such as hitting, pushing, and etc. Verbal abuse such as insults, ridicule, threats and indirect violence such as telling lies. All of these factors have negative effect on children childhood

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