Sociological Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Violent video games, now that’s a topic that has a lot of controversy behind it. Parents tend to over rationalize the concept of their child sitting in front of a screen for hours while mindlessly shooting and killing the characters in a game as if it were nothing. Filling their subconscious with the imagery of gore and guts splattered on a wall. Some parents tend to think that these games make their child act out in aggressive or in mischievous nature. This is where much of the controversy originates from. That initial thought of something bad happening because your child enjoys playing for example, the video game, ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Not mentioning any game imparticular, just games in general. The perception is it will make the child say …show more content…
First let’s go over whether or not violent video games have a neurological effect on a child. There are a variety of research methods that support this idea. In the article we read are some examples that include “laboratory experiments, field/natural experiments, and longitudinal and cross sectional studies that have indeed shown us that violent video games increase aggression” (Pg.1035, Bushman, Brad J & Whitaker, Jodi L) thus leading to the child misbehaving. Not only would it increase aggression it may also tempt the child to recreate the acts seen in said game. The majority of popular video game titles have some sort of violence contained within. Some of these types of violence may include the following, Blood and Gore, Partial nudity, Intense language, Drug use, Sexual themes, intense violence, the list goes on and on. All these may or may not have a negative effect on the child who plays them. One may however agree with the fact, that too much of something that may be extremely violent and or disturbing can in fact take a toll on the mind. This is why most of today’s violent video games have an (ESRB) or Entertainment Software Rating Board rating of M for Mature mainly for people that are 17 or older. However, this does not stop children from playing these games. There are to this day millions probably billions of children that are at least 12 years or older that play the world renowned game that is Call of Duty, which in fact is rated M for

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