Violence In Video Games Research Paper

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Jonathan Cervantes
Mrs. Rayner
12 December 2016
Violence in video games
This paper will examine the question if violence in video games leads to violence in people. Over the years gaming has advanced in graphics, storytelling and most of all violent content. Each year new horror and action games get released with more gore and more bloodier effects. People say that there is a link between the violence in video games to the violence in people who play them. There have been countless research and debates over how the violence in video games affects the human mind and whether or not they lead to violent behavior and whether or not you need the gore in violent or horror games to make them appealing in the first place.
In “The effects of
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Ferguson also points out that lab trials conducted for these types of studies can be faulty, Ferguson makes the statement about this by saying, “...Others use dubious aggression measures that allow researchers to pick and choose from among aggression outcomes those that best fit their hypotheses and ignore those that don’t” (Ferguson 2014). Ferguson also makes the distinction that this fear of violent video games breeding violent people is in mostly older people who don’t understand video games, he supports this point by debunking the argument that the awarding of points for violent behavior and verbal encouragements of “Nice Shot” lead to violent behavior by informing the reader these things were done away with by the 1990s (Ferguson 2014), this statement also proves once again how outdated Bushman’s research was when he conducted his initial …show more content…
There are horror games out there where the gore enhances the experience but at the same time it can be said that over-goring a game can make it unappealing and be used as a way to hide how un-frightening a game really is, this also applies to action games where the gore might make fights more fun but at the same it can be

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