Text Messaging Affecting Students

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Texting is a great invention of the modern age, but over the years it has been used in the wrong ways. It is an easily accessible way to communicate with friends and family from anywhere in the world. However, what it has turned into is this “necessity” that teenagers and adults alike are constantly doing or thinking about. If you go into any large public area, you’ll see a lot of people on their phones, most likely texting or on their various social media networks. Even yesterday when I went to my local physician’s clinic, a lot of the receptionists and nurses inside the clinic were on their phones. I must admit, when I see people in a subway or restaurant on their phone’s I don’t see it to be that big of a deal; however when it is being used …show more content…
Her method was to take a subject group of nursing students and had their teacher communicate with them through a free text-messaging service, then track another control group of nursing students without a text-messaging service. The professor would send them weekly questions pertaining to the subject of the course that they were obligated to respond to in order to get full credit. At the end of the course the course grades were analyzed and compared to one another to see whether or not there was positive association. The dependent variable in the study was improved learning as measured by grades and perception of learning. The independent variable was the use of texting in completing course assignments. The results of her study showed that many of the students had higher results in the class than usual. A great asset to utilizing text messaging as an education tool was interactivity. A lot of the participants in the study mentioned that interactivity was a great motivator for them to use texting. Another reason that the students enjoyed the text-messaging service was convenience. They said the easy access helped them to stay on par with the course. Several other students said that having a new feature in the online classroom really encouraged them to get their work done in a comfortable, convenient way.This shows that texting, if being used in the proper way, can benefit one in the academic

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