The Negative Effects Of Domestic Violence

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My topic encompasses the negative effects that are experienced by children who witness domestic violence within their homes. Many choose to believe that domestic violence only affects those involve but that is not true, at all. In the process of my research, it was shocking to discover that many professional such as child and youth workers were ineffective in assisting this population. In my personal opinion, I felt this was an interesting topic to discuss and research.
Firstly, there has been a notably increase of aggressive behaviors among school children.
Secondly, this could possibly explain the low academic performance of many children and the disinterest in school task. Thirdly, I wanted to diligently seek out the
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The program aims at helping children process their feelings, foster positive attitudes toward families and gender equity, decrease fears and depression, and promote healthy social skills. Project
SUPPORT is a home-based intervention that provides instrumental and emotional support to battered mothers whose have children aged 4 to 9 after leaving the shelters.
Domestic Abuse: Recovering Together (DART) is a 10 week program that supports families who have experience domestic abuse. It focuses on strengthening the mother-child relationship and helps with other aspects of their recovery from the experience of abuse. It is designed as a group work program that runs for 10 weeks, with sessions lasting between two and two-and-a half hours. During these joint sessions, mothers and children participate in a range of activities aimed at strengthening their relationship, promoting communication about the abuse and supporting one another through their recovery. The rest of the sessions are spent in their separate peer groups.
“My Family and Me: Violence Free” was developed as part of the Minnesota School Curriculum Project by Stavrou-Peterson and Gamache
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It focuses on strengthening the mother- child relationship and helps with other aspects of their recovery from the experience of

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