Glocalization Of Soccer In America Analysis

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Ildemar Ulloa
1. In the article “The “Glocalization” of soccer in America” by Edgar Campos it talks about their new concept glocalization and how they’re trying to use soccer to help. They use soccer because it is the most popular sport and they’re trying to infuse it with American culture. It also talks about the International Champions Cup (ICC) which is a soccer tournament where big teams from Europe come to the United States to play. They infuse American sporting values into the most popular sport. Club chants turn into pop music playing over the sound system, players are elevated to celebrity status instead of being an influence on the younger generation. The ICC in conclusion has created an artificial experience for hardcore fans, because it’s supposed to be catered to “post fans” which are casual
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The topic area I chose is race. I chose race for many reasons one of them being that I am considered a minority and have dealt with racism at least once in my lifetime. And because it is a very popular topic now and for bad reasons.

2. A.

B. I think that the “That” the research is talking about is why are fans getting the watered-down version of the game.

C. This research answers this question by showing that they want to include American sporting values on to it for post fans and not for the hardcore fans. They also make it to where people that are fans can’t afford going to it

B. The research is talking about how minorities are getting treated as non-Americans and it tells us why they are treated like this.
C. The research answers the question by stating that minorities have certain values that “Americans” find non-American so they ridicule the minorities

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