Borderline Personality Disorder Research Paper

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What is Borderline Personality Disorder? It is a serious mental illness in which people

have problems regulating thought and emotions. It also includes reckless behavior and

unstable relationships with people. Many people with Borderline Personality Disorder

such as severe depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm

(attempted suicide, suicide cutting, or scaring). As many as 80 percent of people with

Borderline Personality Disorder are suicidal, but only 4 to 9 percent actually commit

suicide. This disorder makes it very hard to carry out a normal life style. Imagine how

you would feel to be so overwhelmed with a task as easy as going out to lunch with
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(research website, Genetically it is said that people

can inherit trait such as temperament, personality, impulsiveness, and aggression.

Socially or culturally some factors include things such as, rape, unstable home life, abuse

or neglect, drugs, and even low income.

WHO IS AT RISK? Some of the participants in the national NIMH study on mental health disorders show

about 1.6 percent of the adults in the United States have Borderline Personality Disorder

in any given year. Borderline Personality Disorder start in childhood or early adult hood.

Anyone can have Borderline Personality Disorder.

Some of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder are extreme actions such as panic,

or abandonment. There are patterns of bad relationships with loved ones and friends.

Most individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder have impulsive and often dangerous

Behavior. They also have mood changes that can last from a few hours to many days even losing

touch with reality. These are just a few signs of Borderline Personality
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These sessions can be done one on one or in group settings. Often times in severe cases

medication can be added to the therapy, but there is no known drug that can cure Borderline

Personality Disorder. Living with Borderline Personality Disorder is very hard. It is very

Important that friends and family are a positive support system for this person. Being aware and

understanding the symptoms of BPD is the first step into helping someone. More often than not

engorgement and patience can change a difficult and freighting experience into a plesant state of

mind. A very improant factor in dealing with someone who has BPD is to never ignore this

persons comments or their state of mind because it can be life threatning to the individual and the

people around them. To sum up Borderline Personality Disorder we can say that with the right

support system and treatments that Borderline Personality Disorder can get better with time but it

will never completely go away. People that receive treatment can go on to thrive and live an

almost completely normal

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