BPD) Or Borderline Personality Disorder

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Everyone has their own unique and special personality and your personality can characterize you as an individual, but what if you had a chink in your chain so to speak and your personality was not all rainbows and cupcakes. Your personality was more dark and gray and seem like your individuality does not quite match up to how you are constantly feeling. You feel impulsive, chronically unstable with all of your emotions or you have a hard time dealing with your own self-image.

Well, all of these characteristics point out to (BPD) or borderline personality disorder. Moods and emotions always seem intense and sometimes often vastly way out of proportion where mood swings can get out of control. BPD is a serious mental illness and being one of
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The symptoms of BPD are an intense fear of abandonment or just trying to avoid rejection plain and simple. A psychological pattern that keeps coming from inappropriately idealizing the newfound lover or friend with complete contempt or hostility. Seeing their self or everyone else around them as absolutes or miserable. Being in a relationship with someone but then suddenly they start believing that person does not care enough about the relationship or suddenly becomes cruel to that person. Many rapid changes happen in their mind and they begin to experience periods of stress-related paranoia and suddenly a loss of contact with the reality around them. They tend to binge drink more frequently or they want to take more risks like gambling, unprotected sex, or wanting to get up and quit their job. Also, sometimes they can feel a change in their perception or self-image and self-identity that includes shifting their values and goals and seeing their self that they no longer need to exist in the world.Consequently, when all of these symptoms come into play the BPD person commits …show more content…
This disorder displays very abnormal behavior and this type can lead to violence and even murder. Antisocial personality disorder has the ability for the person to: cheat,lie,steal and manipulate the people around them as well as harm others. These type of individuals do not show any remorse for their actions they partake like damage,pain or loss of others they affected. There is actual evidence that is presented that these type of people succeed in high professions such as politics or the business world. They love to deceive and manipulate other people just for their own personal gain as well as their

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