The National Action Against Police Brutality Essays

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“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”. These chilling word were repeated 11 times by Eric Garner as he was held in a chokehold by the New York City police department. Bystanders looked on in shock and a gentleman even record the incident on his cell phone. Eric Garner, a 43 year old African American father, was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. The medical examiner ruled Scott’s death as a homicide. Within the first five month of the year, over 400 citizens have been killed by police officers on duty. This topic has led to an eruption of protests and hysteria around the world. Many people around the country turn a blind eye to a situation that is increasing at an alarming rate. In order to increase awareness of the issue citizens have taken matters into their own. Danette Chavis created the “National Action Against Police Brutality” petition directed toward the The United States Department of Justice Attorney General, ironically named, Loretta Lynch. In addition there are protests and donation pages available to help get local residents involved.
Although killing in general is wrong no matter the situation, in some cases that involve a police officer it can be labeled as justified. Police officers are faced with being placed in the face of danger everyday. There have been documented cases where the victim was killed due to making a life threatening advancement toward the officers. However, these cases are heavily reviewed by a board of directors. In San Jose, the…

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