The Multicultural Action Project : A Learning Experience Between The Lgbt Population And Myself

2557 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Being in the helping profession is not only learning about theories and putting them into practice. Being in the helping profession is more than just seeing clients and applying your techniques to help them. An individual in the helping profession needs to have multicultural competence to be an all-round effective counselor. A counselor cannot consider himself or herself to have multicultural competence if they only read the material. A counselor needs to participate and engage in an environment where they can achieve competence working with a diverse group. Reading a theory or clinical implications is different than experiencing a diverse culture face-to-face. Gaining hands on experience allows an individual to gain much more knowledge than simply reading a textbook about a diverse population. When describing my overall experience carrying out the Multicultural Action Project, I would say that it was a learning experience between the LGBT population and myself. I learned about my self-awareness in relation to how I felt about the LGBT population. For example, I assumed that they would be accepting towards someone in the helping profession; however, I learned that many have had negative experiences with counselors and therapy. I became aware that I had assumptions towards the LGBT population as well, for example, assuming that every individual needed a supportive person. However, every individual either had their own support system of friends, some felt comfortable enough…

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