The Movie O Brother Where Art Thou By Ethan Coen And Joel Coen

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The movie O Brother Where Art Thou by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen was created in 2000. The protagonist of the movie is Everett who goes on a journey from escaping jail with his two friends. On his adventure he meets many people and has many conflicts. This movie ties in with the mythological characters from the odyssey. However the viewers will still enjoy the movie without reading the odyssey. This is a comedy and adventure movie. This is a very good movie with many funny scenes and a great tie with the odyssey to make it even funnier. This movie also follows the epic hero journey and follows many of the steps. This movie has a call to adventure, departure, crisis, and a return. Ulysses Everett McGill is the one that started this adventure. Everett is like Odysseus from the odyssey because Odysseus starts his adventure with his crew to get home after the Trojan War. Everett starts his adventure with Pete and Delmar by telling them to escape jail. Everett wants to escape the chain gang in jail. so he can stop his wife from marrying another guy. Pete and Delmar are like the Odysseus’ crew because Pete and Delmar were always by Everett’s side and they helped him through everything just like how the crew follows Odysseus and is always by his side. Everett and the crew escaping jail was when there adventure actually started. On the way from there escape they meet an Old Blind Railroad Man and they hop on his manual train. The Old Man states that their adventure will start soon.…

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