Arrogance Quotes In Odysseus

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Have you ever spent nearly 20 years trying to reach one goal? Have you’ve heard the great story of The Odyssey by Homer? This is a heroic story of a man and his determination to return to his homeland and to his family. Odysseus, the heroic man, that endures different obstacles that are in his way in order to return home to the life he once had. Throughout his journey, Odysseus loses friends and encounters Greek gods. Odysseus’ bravery and strength helped him overcome his arrogance in order to overcome the obstacles that prevent him from returning home. Odysseus shows arrogance as one of his characteristics in the story, The Odyssey by Homer. One example of this is when in part 1 of the text, Odysseus and his crew encounters a Cyclops on …show more content…
When Odysseus was in the underworld he needed his strength to go on after seeing his mother was there. He endured physical pain from the heat and burning there as shown in the movie. Through the story more obstacles come about and at one point Odysseus’ crew asked him about how he still has strength saying, “Are you flesh and blood, Odysseus, to endure more than a man can? Do you ever tire? God look at you, iron is what you’re made of. Here we all are, half dead with weariness, falling asleep over the oars…” (Line 162-166, Part 2) They’re saying that they don’t understand how Odysseus still has strength after all they have gone through and how he still has the energy to be super determined to get home. An example of his strength is when in part 2 of the story Odysseus’ ship was hit by Zeus’ lightning bolt and Odysseus managed to survive for 9 days by himself while holding onto a piece of his wrecked boat until he washed ashore an island. In order to survive, he had to drift past Scylla and across the sea. This required a lot of strength in order to hold onto the piece of wrecked boat for 9 days. Finally, when Odysseus was returned to his homeland of Ithaca with help from the island people he had met when he washed up on to their island he hadn’t gotten his life back yet. Odysseus was gone for a long time and during that time rude suitors for his wife moved into his house. In order to get his life back he needed to get rid of the suitors so he could have his family back. When Odysseus reunited with his son they made a clever plan. Odysseus was disguised as a beggar and a Bow competition was held in Odysseus’ house hold and whoever won would marry his wife. Before the competition Odysseus removed all weapons from the room and during the competition when it was his turn the suitors all laughed but “Odysseus in one motion strung the bow. Then slid his right hand down the cord and plucked it...”

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