Temptation In Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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In Homer's The Odyssey, the main character Odysseus has to confront many forms of temptation. He has to walk away from Circe’s cave, and lead his men away from the luring sirens, but he was also tempted to do the wrong thing. Temptation is the desire to do something, especially wrong or unwise. It is possible to overcome temptations’ pull, but once in awhile we succumb to the desire. When Odysseus walks upon the cave of Circe, he is tempted to stay there instead of travel home, and find his true love. If he had not overcome this strife, he would have had less hardships, but he also would have had less adventure and love in his story. When Circe turned all the men into animals, Odysseus found a way to save everyone and get off the island. Hermes gave him moly, which would protect him against her spells. In the end Odysseus killed Circe and they had a great celebration afterward. When Odysseus was traveling past the sirens his men were the ones who were being lured down to their own deaths, but Odysseus withstood them. “I had stopped the ears of my crew with wax, and I alone listened while lashed to the mast, powerless to steer toward shipwreck.” This means that he became a hero by strapping himself to his boat so he couldn't steer, all after filling the ears of the men on his crew with wax so they could not hear …show more content…
When they got to the cyclops’ island they only decided to scour the whole island because curiosity overpowered them. The same thing happened when the crew found a bag which Zeus had given to Odysseus. The men thought the bag contained glorious riches, but in reality it housed great powerful storms and hurricanes. Had curiosity not got the best of the men, their journey could have been much easier. Although Odysseus and his crew did finally leave Circe's island, they did stay there and have a grand meal, after which Circe “...waved her wand and turned them into

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