Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review

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It is the movie fans have been waiting for since the book’s publication in 2011-the ever enduring “Fifty Shades of Grey,” written by author E.L. James. There is no doubt the book made quite an impact on the world, and soon later it made its big screen debut. Once released on Valentines Day in 2015, theatres everywhere filled up with ready-to-watch couples and excited fans. The movie turned out to be a hit, making a whopping five hundred and twenty eight million dollars. So, many ask, what makes this movie so successful? Through the film’s cinematography, acting, and resemblance to the book, it is clear to see what factors allowed this movie to attract such an abundance of success. The movie is based around the different lives protagonists …show more content…
If not for Dakota Johnson, playing Anastasia Steele, and Jaime Dornan, otherwise known as Christian Grey, this film would not have fulfilled fan’s expectations. Seeing as this film is based off of the best seller, many fans had high expectations for who would play the two main characters. Luckily, both Johnson and Dornan met the requirements fans were looking for. Johnson, playing the innocent and vulnerable Anastasia Steele, was able to portray herself as just that. Though in reality, she is actually the opposite, Johnson, achieved her role as Anastasia successfully. Dornan, who plays intimidating CEO Christian Grey, not only achieved coming off as a rich and successful man, but looked as many hoped he would. Much like Grey, Dornan too has a piercing dark gray eye color and can depict himself as the broken little boy Grey is on the inside. The movie met the expectations many had. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson certainly satisfied hopeful readers by making the movie a replica of the book. The film, beginning with the lives of Christian and Anastasia, moves in chronological order of the book, capturing how they met, what they went through, and how it ended. Despite the film cutting many scenes from the book, due to time constraints, Johnson still had the capability of turning this film into a major

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