The Morality Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

1990 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Physician assisted suicide occurs when a doctor provides a patient with lethal drugs that the patient then uses to end their own life. It is usually intended for patients with a terminal illness as a means of relieving the patient of their pain and allowing them to die peacefully with dignity. The morality of physician assisted suicide has been a controversial debate among ethicists and healthcare professionals for a long time. Critics of physician assisted suicide argue that taking an innocent person’s life can never be morally justified, as all life is considered to be sacred. However, leaving a terminally ill patient to suffer for months, awaiting their inevitable death, is unethical and not any better. By applying the main ideas of principlism, physician assisted suicide can be ethically justified as it satisfies the four principles of bioethics, making it the best policy for dealing with patients with a terminal illness. Hence, the United States should pass a national right to die law, legalizing physician assisted suicide, giving terminally ill patients an option to end their unnecessary suffering. There are already five states that have legalized physician assisted suicide: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and California (“State-by-State Guide to Physician-Assisted Suicide”). Although these states already have their own legal protocol for physician assisted suicide, a national right to die law would ensure that every state would follow the same ethical…

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