The Montana Meth Project For An Anti Smoking Group Essay example

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There has been little doubt throughout history that children will in some way take after their parents. Whether that be through nature, implying the genetic makeup of the parent and child be similar enough to mimic behaviors, or nurture, suggesting that there is a direct correlation between what the child sees and how they react to it. The argument is all but set in stone; with a few outliers, children will inevitably copy the lifestyle choices and behaviors of their parents. This includes eating habits, physical activity, and substance use such as alcohol or cigarettes. Denis Pederson is a still life artist who has done work for large companies such as Oral-B, Dior, Chanel, and the television and broadband company, Sky. Denis has also done work with anti-substance abuse groups such as the Montana Meth Project. He completed the attached ad as a freelance project for an anti-smoking group. Pederson’s ad attempts to elicit a strong emotional response from the audience. He uses stark imagery to convince the addressees that if they smoke, their children will as well. Clearly, Pederson’s purpose is to persuade parents who smoke to quit the habit in order to protect their children. The intended audience is primarily smokers who are also parents, but the ad targets anyone who knows a smoker with kids or even the children themselves. The ad creates a powerful and effective message through the use of simple images, selective colors, and strong appeals. To begin with, the concept…

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