Summary Of The Ice Age: A Journey Into Crystal-Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamine can ruin a person’s body like Luke Williams the author of The Ice Age: A Journey into Crystal-meth Addiction, he wrote this book while doing meth. There is only a way they can get into society and it is meth labs. Most meth labs are in the U.S in Michigan. The southwest area of Michigan has the highest meth lab rates in history, Michigan Legislation is trying to keep the south west society safe from meth. Meth labs are busted every year in Michigan around the south west and in Marquette county whether an accident or a visit from the police. Meth can damage the body, face, and every tooth will be falling out and have a lot of health issues. Meth labs mostly occur in the southwestern area, Michigan and Marquette County. Michigan legislation is trying to make ingredients illegal to protect schools, societies, and the entire state from meth spreading. Even it can stop spreading in the U.S as well. The Legislations are still finding ways to stop meth to get in society and schools. Meth is coming everywhere and it is becoming a problem in Michigan. "This is so destructive to our communities" (Sen. Margaret O'Brien, R-Portage). Meth is spreading and Michigan having the most labs in the south west and in Marquette County. Michigan representatives …show more content…
Michigan legislation is trying hard to stop meth from getting to schools and societies of Michigan. If anyone living anywhere in South West Michigan or Marquette County, MI chances are that in rural areas that might have a meth lab or more of them in the rural areas. Meth ruins everybody’s entire life like relationships with family and friends and health issues of the person using meth and your face will be a disaster once you first see yourself after a couple doses of meth. Meth is a very dangerous drug in America, even in Michigan a booming area for meth labs in the south west. It will take a long time to stop meth spreading out in Michigan and the entire

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