Essay on The Modern World

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The Renaissance is seen by many people as one of the greatest time periods for the human race. From 1350-1550, people believed that they were witnessing the rebirth of Greco-Roman civilization. It was a new age, and renaissance quite literally translates to “rebirth”. This was clearly in order after the Middle Ages (the time period after the Roman Empire fell), which was a “dark age” in many ways. The place associated most with the Renaissance is Italy. The 14th and 15th century in Italy are described by Jacob Burckhardt as “the birthplace of the modern world”. The Swiss historian also described the time saying it was distinguished by “the revival of antiquity, the “perfection of the individual”, and secularism”. Many scholars hold views opposite of Burckhardt’s, saying they don’t believe that the Renaissance showed a significant cultural change. Burckhardt argued saying there was much continuity in economic, political, and social life. Looking past disagreements about the Renaissance, there are many characteristics of the Renaissance that are recognized by all. During the Renaissance, Italy became a primarily urban society where independent cities dominated the country’s districts around them. Cities became the center of all life, and within this urban society a secular spirit emerged as increasing wealth created new possibilities for the enjoyment of worldly things. The Renaissance is also seen as a recovery period after a difficult 14th century of the Black Death,…

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