Final Fall Of The Byzantine Empire

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The Final Fall of the Roman Empire
By: Kelli Floyd The Byzantine Empire lasted for over a thousand years. This empire struggled against forces, from both within and without, that seemed determined to destroy it. For over a millennium, it was successful. However, after the first major blow, the Fourth Crusade, the empire never fully recovered and it seems as though it was destined to finally fall. Both the existence and the fall of the Byzantine, or Roman, empire had a huge effect on the development of Western Civilization, including eventually leading to the Italian Renaissance.
Crusading Against Christians
The first blow that eventually lead to the downfall of the Byzantine Empire was the 1204 attack on Constantinople. Ironically, this attack
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After the fall of the city, many more fled to Italy as well. This sudden gathering of scholars and various other artists is what led to the Renaissance. When they fled to Italy, they brought many important documents with them to their new city. This led to a massive movement to translate, preserve, and reprint these Greek classics, which is what led to a resurgence in learning, art, and music. There is another small effect that the fall of Constantinople had on the west. Although many people say that if a Friday falls on the thirteenth of the month, that day is unlucky. Greeks actually see the date of Tuesday the thirteenth as unlucky since that is the day that Constantinople fell.
The fall of the Byzantine Empire after over a millennium changed the course of history of western civilization. Its decline began with the crusade against the city in 1204, and ended in its eventual fall in the year 1453. This city’s existence brought any things to the world. It’s fall brought many more things to the world, in the form of the Italian Renaissance. It produced many of the greatest works of art and literature in

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