The Renaissance Time Period: Bridge Between Medieval And Modern Times

The Renaissance time period is what most people consider as the bridge between

Medieval and modern times. During this time period, many subjects including science, math, art,

music, and theology exploded, and allowed for new ideas and innovations to come about. Many

famous people, who are known for their renowned accomplishments from the past, come from

the Renaissance time period like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Michaelangelo. This started the

revolution which allows modern science and many other modern technologies to be used today.

The Renaissance might have been the most important and the most needed time period in history.

The Renaissance brought the horrors of the Medieval Times to a close and opened up a

door to new opportunities
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The main purpose of plays over time switched from teaching to entertainment, and gave

birth to classics like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. This aspect of the Renaissance effects the

different types of entertainment we see today.

Along with the advancements in art and architecture, science and mathematics expanded

into new areas never seen before this time. Aristotle and Ptolmy 's views of the universe were

expanded and the idea of a heliocentric view was created and proven correct. Scientists

everywhere began to question "truths" and sought to explain natural phenomenon outside the

supernatural. The development of the scientific method also took place during this period. This

scientific revolution brought us to the modern times of discoveries and innovations.

Other important events like the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492

expanded mankind 's worldview. Other important advancements in theology, philosophy, and

religion also changed and altered how see the world today. The splits in the church and the

warning between Christians affected the Renaissance in a huge way. The Reformation started by

characters like Martin Luther and John Calvin began to gain ground, and there was just too

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