The Mission Of Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School Essay

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When I first arrived at the school, I noticed that the walls inside of the building as you walked in were very bright colored. I also saw a few bulletin boards that were full of children’s artwork and there were colorful signs hung up on the walls. This indicates that the school was a friendly and welcoming environment. The bright colors also make you feel happy and attracted my attention. It also showed that the school cared and was proud of their student’s artwork. The facilities were maintained very well. The floor and stairs looked clean and there was very little pieces of trash on the floor. The bathrooms were also very clean. There were plenty of toilet paper and paper towels.
As I walked into the school to sign in at the office, there was their mission statement hanging on the door and it said. “The mission of Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School is to educate,inspire, challenge, and nurture all students (US). Our thriving learning environment (Classroom & School) helps us build and develop higher academic skills, positive citizenship, and character traits.” Silver Hill’s mission statement was also hanging on the wall of the teacher’s room that I observed.
2. Before walking into the school, there is a bell that you need to ring that has a security camera connected to it. You must be buzzed in before entering the school. After being buzzed in, I was quite disturbed. The entrance to the main office was a little bit down the main hallway. Anyone could have easily…

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