Essay on The Middle Of Freshmen Year

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It was the middle of freshmen year in high school. Just an ordinary girl about to make extraordinary leaps in her life. Fifteen and feeling like the world is at your fingertips. Well truth is, it was, for me anyways. Brand new school, new family, different lifestyle, small and homey yet adventurous community, and friends that will truly last a lifetime. Imagine what it would be like to in a sense start fresh. This was the ultimate chance to be myself. Two days before Christmas break and not seeing my Mom for what seemed ages but only three days before. First day at a new school and my head was spinning like a penny on the ground. Sure didn’t take long until my first friend was made. I had gone through several periods being introduced as the “new girl” who for what no one could make sense of transferred in the middle of her freshmen year. Finally made it to third hour right before lunch and that’s when I met someone I call my sister. I about started crying when I was talking to her she really understood and listened and just was a blessing. I am so grateful to have her in my life to this day. Then lunch swang around and honestly that day and everyone seems like a blur because now I am happy. Everyone around has their own clicks but you know that is what makes everyone have many characteristics is accepting those quirks. From that day on I began to figure out who I am in this world. Everyday I learn more and more about who I am and more importantly who I…

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