Case Study Of ML At Anka Behavioral Health Incorporation

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I am seeing ML at Anka Behavioral Health Incorporation. This organization has multiple sites. I am seeing ML at the Hope Concord site, which is the federal probation location. The clients that are seen are on parole and probation. They may be on pre-trial supervision or post-sentencing. ML is a 41-year-old Latino male. He identifies as religious (Mormon). He is married with three children, ages 22, 19, and 10, and he has one grandchild. He owns a construction company. Based on information provided by U.S. District Courts (USDC), ML has been on Pretrial supervision since 2016. ML is the sole defendant charged in an Indictment of Possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.
Psychosocial History
Based on information from USDC
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Mental Status Examination
Client presents dressed with construction work attire, larger build, and unremarkable hygiene. He exhibited normal motor activity and made good eye contact during the clinical interviews. His interaction with the therapist was appropriate. He was oriented to person, place, time and purpose of the clinical interview. He described his mood as depressed, and his affect appeared consistent with this. His judgment and insight appeared intact. He denied any current suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation.
Treatment Plan
During the treatment plan, the first goal is to address with ML is creating healthy relationships. ML has a history of having poor boundaries and communication skills with his family, and it is important for him to have healthy relationships instead of shutting down when feeling overwhelmed. The second goal is to have a healthy healing process from the loss of his brother. ML’s brother died while he was incarcerated from his second arrest, and he was not aware of his brother’s death until he was released from jail. The third goal is to focus on ML’s preparation of him being sent away to serve a possible eight-year sentence. The plan is to have ML focus on the positives, which are things that he has control over, rather than focusing on the negatives,
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But now me and my kids are like, arguing.
Therapist: Arguing? Tell me more.
ML: Like you know how I told you how I wanted my son to take over my business while I’m gone?
Therapist: Yes
ML: Well, he is getting more like he doesn’t want to do it, and then my daughter is starting to not listen to me and it is making it hard on me.
Therapist: Okay, and have you spoken to your wife about it
ML: Yes, so this is how it goes, when I tell my daughter to do something, my wife is on her side instead being on my side.
Therapist: Go on.
ML: For example, the other day, I go into my daughter room and try to have a conversation with her, she sits there and not respond to me as she plays with her iPhone and ignores me. After that, I took the phone and then I throw it on the bed and she yells and go tell my wife. Then my wife comes to me and start yelling and asking me why I took her phone from

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