The Media Activity Of The News Release Essay

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Our project was on research done by Dr. Hackley, an associate professor in the department of psychology at University of Missouri - Columbia. His research focused on the muscles found behind the ear. He found out most of these muscles were not strong enough to move our ears but one still had circuits in our brain that caused it to contract. These contractions were strongest under certain emotions and knowing these emotions will allow us to measure people 's reactions to certain stimuli with quantitative data, thus removing subjective responses in studies. The media activity of the news release was very good. The story had 40 international placements and 105 national placements. The story was also released with the journal, “Psychophysiology”, and broke all records for media attention within the journal. This story was also picked up by many common news websites such as, Slate, Discovery, The Daily Mail, and Futurity. So overall this story did really well and was picked up by almost 150 different websites and many big websites as well. The tone that most media outlets used with our story was mostly neutral, this would be expected by most journalists who are supposed to remain neutral with the story. The others were somewhat positive about the story with the exception of one news release out of the ones we looked at. The ones that were somewhat positive were using positive modifiers to describe the research and avoided using negative ones, which is why they were ranked as…

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