The Meaning Of The Word Success Essay

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“Discuss your meaning of the word “success”.
An objective ideal that cannot truly be defined is the word success. The word can carry many different meanings. To some, it is to become a lawyer and change the world. To others, it can be pursuing medicine and saving lives. There is also the simple definition of happiness. Even though all these definitions is correct in their own way, mine differs. Success is not simply a word to be defined, but a state of mind. People who embody success in their mind tend to be successful. They naturally strive to be the best at everything they are involved in. In my eyes, to be successful a person must hold value in anything they do. They must take opportunities whenever given, and hold no regrets in life. It is not about money or fame, but to be content in knowing one has given their all. By keeping this thought in mind, I feel as if I will always be successful. The definition of success lies within a person willing to give their all in every endeavor.
Discuss how you see yourself 10 years from now.
To think ten years ahead would be to think of a different person. An evolved form of my current self. To be the person that I hope to be would be how I see myself. In a place in life where I could give back to the community. At the point where I have achieved the goals, I set for myself. I see myself beginning my career as a physician. I will also begin to explore my different interest through many endeavors. To be able to keep my creativeness…

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