Components Of Success

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According to the oxford dictionary, the definition of success is "the attainment of popularity or profit."(“Success”, 1989). The meaning of success varies for different individuals. Success could mean getting education, raising a family, accomplishing a life goal, or simply gaining wealth. This definition is one of the many definitions of success as different individuals have their different perspectives about success. For instance, success for a poor homeless person could just mean to have enough money to meet the basic needs whereas success for a student could mean passing a test or obtaining a good grade. The famous and the wealthy are somehow in this world considered to the ideals of success. However, a successful life can be led by following …show more content…
It is rather understandable balancing all of these components could be difficult and each of these aspects are not considered to be of equal importance to each and every individual which is one of the reasons why focus on some particular components is greater than the latter causing the imbalance. Neglecting those other components is not a wise thing to do. Although paying attention to the strongest of strengths and prioritizing them is understandable, one must not forget to struggle and work in improving other aspects as well that eventually help solve the problem of imbalance. Focusing too much on just one aspect such as giving too much importance to work instead of family and friends can cause one to lose them. This can even have negative influence on one’s health. Therefore, the point here is to not let this cycle continue and keep everything in harmony and balance to achieve success as a …show more content…
One cannot be happy and successful if they are not confident as other people are going to have a hard time in believing and accepting them if they themselves are not ready to accept ones selves. Although everyone have their own weaknesses and certain challenges to overcome, pointing it out and complaining about it is unavailing. The key is to accept what one has and embrace it to overcome the toughest of obstacles and challenges. This is what defines as success.
“Being happy is a quality of successful people, but true success involve fulfillment. Do not lest anyone define your meaning of success but you”( Williams, 2012).With such kind of attitude, success can be achieved by doing what makes one happy and by following their inner instincts, regardless of the outside barriers and challenges is what brings one satisfaction. This is what truly defines

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