The Mass Murder Of Innocent People Essay

1628 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Currently, the United States is experiencing horrific shootings that have taken away the lives of many innocent people. The news is full of these incidents. The non-stop violent crimes in public areas, such as the one that happened in the Orland night club “PUSLE”, has brought fear among many Americans citizens. Shockingly, this fear has been carried into our education system. Schools are not the same safe learning environments they once were. Parents are sending their children to a possible war zone without guaranteed protection. The incident, such as Orlando and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, show how vulnerable schools are becoming to these shootings. How many more people have to die before the government will understand that something has to be done in order to stop this violence? The mass murder of innocent people needs to be stopped now. It is obvious that violence cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be reduced significantly and many lives can be saved. Even if new laws and policies are able to only save the life of one person, it would be worth passing and enforcing because every life is important. Peace and security within the nation’s borders needs to be the United States government 's main priority. Although, violence cannot be completely stopped, an effective way to prevent this issue is for the government and its people to invest more into mental health, regulate gun store sales, and have stricter regulations on violent video games, because…

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