The Lucky Body By Kyle Coma Essay

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The human body, with the copious amount of research done by scientists, may be understandable in the physical sense but is still relatively an unknown in regards to the mind. The questions concerning why human beings are capable of inflicting pain and exercising cruel behavior on others are still unanswered. In short, we may never fully fathom the human psyche. In his debut collection of short stories, The Lucky Body, Kyle Coma-Thompson sets out to investigate the human body in a contemporary and alternative manner. He pieced together distinct yet deeply connected short stories to present readers with a comprehensive view into the purpose and connotation behind individuals practicing violent behaviors. o
A relatively new writer on the scene, Coma-Thompson does not have much biographical information recorded. Gathered from interviews and his personal website, Coma-Thompson lives in Louisville, Kentucky; taught in academia; and worked in book publishing before venturing into writing fiction. The Lucky Body is his debut collection of short stories. Following his debut collection is Night in the Sun, which is also a collection of short stories. In this instance, the stories essentially focus on examining the boundaries of writing stories, the loss of privilege in America, and the fear of others and ourselves (Coma-Thompson). Night in the Sun and The Lucky Body do share similarities in concept to some extent, but ultimately are distinct pieces to be read on their own.
The Lucky…

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