The Levels Of Spectrums Of Prevention Essay

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Community Context Matters In the six levels of Spectrums of Prevention, each level is connected to the other levels and reinforces each other. Therefore, my interventions are specifically tailored to the Latino students at Fairfield High community. Prior to implement any intervention, the most important thing is to educate students about the consequences of obesity. Once students fully understand the risks and consequences of obesity and maintaining unhealthy body, they will be motivated to participate in the program. This can be achieved through posting up informational flyers and posters in various school buildings for students to easily see upcoming events occurring in school. Informational flyers and posters could also be in both English and Spanish to help Latino students expand their knowledge and lead them to participate in the events. Also, having a class discussion about obesity and participating in healthy educational workshop will help students constantly aware of that health problem. Since the activities will be provided both in English and Spanish, students will be allowed to invite their family members to the event, such as walking campaign and health education workshop. The education providers will be professionally trained to present accurate information to the community. Furthermore, the partnership with a local college enhances the quality of the event because college students can be a role model for high school students, and could result in reliable…

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