The Learning Styles Explain That Everyone Is Unique And Different Ways Of Learning

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The VARK learning styles explain that everyone is unique and has different ways of learning. VARK stands for V-visual is one who learns from pictures, maps, images, using cards, and seeing information. A-auditory is one who learns best from listening and speaking, R-read/write is one who learns by reading and writing, and K-kinesthetic is one who learns better from hands- on and demonstrations. These learning styles refer to the way an individual collects and understands information. Preferred learning modes have an important influence on people’s behavior and learning. Navneet’s learn best by drawing images, seeing, listening to music, reading during a walk, writing down notes while listening to lectures, concentrating, demonstrating, and hands on. One example is if Navneet has to learn how to start an intravenous catheter on a patient and someone explains to her how to do it she may forget a step, on the other hand if Navneet sees a demonstration then she is able to remember it, and have a better understanding of the procedure. Navneet learns more efficiently by highlighting points, and reading until she fully grasps the concept. She understands that even missing one day of school can be a major set-back, this being the case Navneet stays very motivated to learn constantly. Navneet is a visual thinker, she will remember by being hands-on, and this will help her to learn the way she understands the most. Navneet learns new information through the process of physical…

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