The Journey, This Semester Of English 5a Essay

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The Journey, In Retrospect
The whole semester of English 5A was like playing with Legos, but with literature. I would use the things I learned previously in high school and build them up with the new things I learned from 5A. It was very difficult to find the right parts and piece them together to create the “perfect” essay. On the other hand, I was able to learn the necessary skills to converse with the authors in the text, From Inquiry to an Academic Writing, by Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky. It was an essential skill to be able to properly identify the different arguments in their conversation, which I thereafter, explained using the They Say, I Say techniques and templates. Furthermore, my instructor’s and peer reviews have helped me understand things I did not realize and things I could improve on. Henceforth, I learned how to take part in their conversations and respond to it whether I would agree or disagree. It was a pleasant learning experience to write with the audience in mind and finding different methods to compose essays. In retrospect, I have learned to “enter the conversation,” take on an argument, and use sources to support my standpoint.
From the start, I was not fluent in “entering the conversation,” and would often branch off toward my own path. However, after the lectures, I got better at understanding the authors’ concepts, and I was able to gradually progress in “conversation” with them. For example, the essay Lies My Teacher Told Me by James…

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