Personal Narrative: Life Without Regrets

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Sup friends, family, and future folk, I have returned from the depths of my desk where I serve the public. Its kind of weird because when I was younger I told myself that I never wanted to sit at a desk, but here I am... sitting at an (ergonomically correct) desk.

This isn 't some weird horror story where I sit at this desk for 35 years and retire as a jaded old white man who has a farm in the country where I breed little murderous horses that only attack on the second Friday of the month during golden hour so they look great for Instagram (please help me Kickstart this b movie that I am trying make more appealing to a new demographic (small town farmers who are cross breeding animals for new age cute internet memes)).

This isn 't some
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Satisfying in the present, and worry about the rest later. I 'm always told that I have to live fast, die young, bad girls do it well (okay, maybe not that part but I wanted you to read that in MIA 's voice). Cause a life without regrets is a life not …show more content…
And I don 't really see anything wrong with that. If I didn 't regret things, how would I motivate to do the things I did once regret? If regret didn 't exist, why would I even try new things? If I lived a life without regrets, would I regret that on my deathbed? Is regret a fucking walking paradox?

I can name three things off the top of my head that I regret more than anything else in the world:
1.Not taking enough pictures with my parents as a kid. They are adorable even though the selfie is a concept that can escape them from time to time.
2.Not taking a gap year. I had no idea what I was doing in school. I 've graduated and I have no idea what I did in school.
3.Not watching Friday Night Lights earlier in my life because Coach Taylor has spit some real shit for five straight seasons. What Would Coach Taylor Do (WWCTD) is a way of life.

These are just off the top of my head as I sit here on my ergonomically correct desk. I do this a lot actually. I sit at this same desk, look at the same picture of my nephew and just thinking about Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

So what has sitting and thinking at this desk (which is ergonomically correct, if I may add) taught me since May 30th? Regret is almost inevitable. But regret is

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