The Job Responsibilities Of A Physician Assistant Essay

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“ The best part of P.A school is being able to look back and see how far I’ve come and how much knowledge I’ve gained’’.(Rickman Logan P.A class of 2009). Being a P.A is learning more about how are bodies work and how do we get better. P.A are primary caretakers that answer questions to patients that are concern of their health also P.As can run tests. The salary and the job security are the other two important parts of being a P.A. Since the job as a P.A is growing throughout the future there is no reason to lose your job and your job is well secured. Physician Assistants are the doctors without a doctors degree because they still take care of patients and help them with any questions, Therefore identifying educational requirements, salary and job security to become a Physician Assistant.
The job responsibilities of a Physician Assistant are similar to a doctor but different in way. “The job responsibilities of a Physician Assistant are taking medical histories, examine patients, interpret laboratory diagnostic tests, and x-rays” ( A P.A.(Physician Assistant) can do mostly anything like a Physician can but not like a doctor. A Physician Assistant cannot do things like a doctor because A doctor goes to school for about 12 years and has a Doctors degree and also a doctor has more health experiences than a P.A. “ A Physician Assistants spend more time examining patients and answering their questions than Physicians…

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