The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

760 Words Sep 29th, 2015 4 Pages
America is an overly cautious country. We are scared of the unknown and of things we don’t fully understand. That’s why we became more hesitant on letting people into our country after events like 9/11 and any other terrorist attacks. As a country we sometimes are way to prideful to ever admit it. For this reason we have not allowed our citizens the freedom that is stated in our constitution. For many decades America denied people the most simplest of rights to marry whom they please. To say that only a man and a woman could marry because America viewed same sex marriages as improper and that this “behavior” would influence the rest of us is just an opinion. This topic has prohibited people to live openly and freely in society for fear of discrimination. America’s struggles with the acceptance of same sex marriage has caused controversy in the country. By not allowing same sex marriage it created significant problems for some U.S citizens. It created violence, denied some individuals their rights, encouraged discrimination, increased the divorce rate, and decreased child adoptions. People in general have a problems seeing someone else’s point of view when they think they are morally correct. Not everyone agrees with same sex marriage and some choose to show this through violence. There are a lot of reports of hate crimes against people who are homosexual because some believe that the lifestyle they chose is a sin. Some individuals choose to inflict harm on others to try to…

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