The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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The 2000 's have been a breakthrough for the LGBT community. However equality between same sex couple and heterosexual couple is yet to be reached in the United States. There is still 15 states are still against same sex marriage therefore government intervention might speed this process. It all began in the 1970 's when same sex couple Jack Baker and Michael McConnell started campaigning for same sex marriage, though unsuccessful it had gained enough media attention to jump start the movement for equality. Today the support for the LGBT is sky rocketing from the organizations to churches to the president of the United States himself. President Barack Obama stated in an interview with ABC that it is difficult to explain to his children wy their friend 's parent 's, who happen to be a same sex couple, are treated differently as he explains, "why somebody should be treated differently when it comes to the eyes of the law"(). Even with the support of the president, the United States itself haven’t really settled this matter, because in reality the three of the states that allows same sex marriage, allow it in the perimeter of what they call a civil union. States like New Jersey and Illinois only allow civil union between same sex couple, the problem with this is they are classifies as second class citizens. A civil union does provide legal protection for these couples but only at a state law level but not a federal protection level. For an example a civil union doesn’t bring…

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