The Issue Of Gun Control Essay example

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There are many political debates about gun control and there is not really an answer on how much gun control is actually needed in our country. Gun control has been a problem for many years and has technically two sides of the argument, there are the people that support gun control and there are the people that support the rights to own a gun. In today 's society there are many gun control laws, but people do not think its enough. A weapon is not some kind of toy that everyone should have, it 's a weapon that is used to cause harm and by enabling everyone to have one would cause fear in the community and would be the start of many conflicts as well. There are many headlines that people cannot believe. Two tennagers frin Colorado opend fire in theri high school, by doing so they killed 12 students and a teacher as well. Gun control is described as the law in order to limit civilians to have access to fire weapons. In the United States gun legislation is a very well contested political issue. Not only are firearms lethal, they are also health issue, because there are more than 35,000 people that have died each year after being shot by a gun.
Gun control has become a huge topic in today 's society. Many people tend to support the anti gun control side by saying that they would need their weapons for self defense. There are many people that will not use their weapon only to defend themselves, instead they would use them to cause harm. The meaning of having a gun means that…

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